Societal Advisory Board

prof. dr. Herman Wijffels (Chair)
Prof. dr. Herman Wijffels is a Dutch prominent economist. During his career, he was chair of the Executive Board of Rabobank Nederland, chair of the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER), and Dutch governor with the WorldBank in Washington. He is politically also known as the 'architect' of the Dutch Balkenende IV-cabinet (2007-2010). At this moment he is co-chair of Worldconnectors and professor 'Sustainability and Societal Change' at the Faculty of Law of Utrecht University and affiliated with the Utrecht Sustainability Institute.
drs. Trude Maas-de Brouwer
Trude Maas is a prominent Dutch business woman. As independent supervisor, she works with some of the largest companies in the Netherlands, such as the Schiphol Group, Philips Electronics Nederland, ABN AMRO Bank, Arbo Unie, and the Van Gogh Museum. She especially focuses on issues of talent, education, and innovation. She is also chair of the Utrecht Development Board. Trude Maas has been a senator in the Dutch Senate (Eerste Kamer) in 1998-1999 and 2002-2007 and as such has been (among other) chair of the Permanent Committee for Science Policy and Higher Education and spokesperson for Economic Affairs.
dr. Kees Blokland
Kees Blokland is economist and founder of Agriterra, an organization that has, over the past years, supported and strengthened over a hundred agricultural organizations: millions of farmers, united in thousands of local unions and cooperatives have benefited from this success. Kees Blokland also intiated the foundation of Agripool,, AgriCord and Agri-ProFocus,which all focus on supporting farmers and other agricultural workers via their organizations and cooperatives. His main topics of interest are agricultural organizations, economic development, the role of unions and cooperatives, and the importance of employment options.
dr. Steven de Waal
Steven de Waal is founder and driving force of Public SPACE. In 2014, he obtained his doctorate from the Utrecht University School of Governance on his thesis 'The Value(s) of Civil Leaders. A study into the influence of governance context on public value orientation'. He works as expert in the public and non-profit sector (in the broadest sense), mainly focusing on issues of market forces, entrepreneurship, strategic positioning, and corporate governance. He has written several essays and is the co-author of numerous books on governance and entrepreneurship. De Waal was also the author who coined the concept of 'societal entrepreneurship'. Being an active citizen, Steven de Waal is closely involved with several societal organizations.
Richard Kraan
Richard Kraan (1965) works as partner accountant at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Utrecht. Next to his work at PwC, he is closely involved with numerous events in and around Utrecht. He is a strong promotor of Utrecht's characteristic features and as such involved with events as the annual Utrecht Singel-run and the start of the Tour de France in Utrecht in 2015. Richard Kraan is also member of the Business Peloton Utrecht and the Utrecht Development Board.
drs. Jolande Sap
Jolande Sap is a Dutch GreenLeft (GroenLinks) politician, with a background in economics and civil service. She has served as Member of Parliament from 2008 until 2012. In 2010, she was named Party leader as well as Parliamentary group leader of the GreenLeft party in the Dutch House of Representatives, which position she held until 2012. Jolande Sap is a specialist on social-economic issues and values economic independence as an important condition for freedom. She seeks to stimulate emancipation and fight social exclusion and prefers to work on practical policies that would promote self-realization, fairness, and durability.
mr. Arjen van Nuland
Arjen van Nuland is the Director of the Dutch Cooperative Council (NCR). NCR is a knowledge centre and meeting platform for Dutch cooperatives. He has worked as a Director of a Dutch agriculture cooperative and as a Management Consultant. He has studied Dutch Law and has a Master's in Business Administration (MBA). As the Director of NCR, Mr. van Nuland advises cooperatives on issues like governance, member commitment and cooperative values.